School photographs from Thurgarton

c 1899-1900

Pupil’s names not known  The vicar of Thurgarton, Rev. Atwell  Baylay, appears in the first  three photographs – he is the bearded man in a cassock

c 1905-6

c 1911

 c 1916

c 1925


c 1940

Late 1940s


Lessons outdoors in 1960s


Closure of school

3 thoughts on “School photographs from Thurgarton

  1. I was born in the village of Fiskerton, California Cottages.
    We moved to Thurgarton and I attended the Village School from age six in 1950. Most of this time I was in leg irons or full leg plasters to correct my club feet.
    Naturally I played Humpty Dumpty in the school Cristmas Play. They were cruel in those days. We moved to Sandford on Thames in 1951 for a short time and then on to Morville Heath (near Bridgnorth) in 1953 (ish)
    I remember two major events there. A total eclipse of the sun when we went to school with smoked glass pieces and of course the Coronation when we were given a commerative New Testament.
    In 1954 we lived on Magadales Farm, Thurgarton with my older sister Margaret and younger sister Maureen. Our parents later moved to Southwell, and laterly in Potwell Close, Easthorpe. I attended Thurgarton CofE School until the Edward Cludd School opened in 1956(?)
    In Form 2 to begin with (Mr Reece) and then progressed through 2a, 3a, and finally to 4a.
    When I was at Thurgarton School boys of my age group in village schools throughout the catchment area attended the National School in Southwell one day each week for woodwork classes with Mr White (who later moved to the ‘Cludd). Most of the same year then met at the ‘Cludd when it first opened.
    I joined the Army RAOC as a Junior Leader at 15. Served many places round the World. I finally settled down in Newark in 1984.
    I was employed as a Woodwork Supervisor in a Training Workshop and became a Lecturer at Newark & Sherwood
    We lived in the first occupation of Hill Top houses
    And then Magadales Farm.

    See here.
    There are more photos of Harvest Festival in the Newark Advertiser.

  2. I was very pleased to have discovered your Website “Thurgarton History”
    It has brought back many memories.
    For most of my school days I attended the village school. Miss Cox was the head misress until shortly before I left at the age of 13 to go to the brand new Edward Cludd Secondry Modern school at Southwell. My maiden name was Malthouse, ( my brother Geoffrey has already posted a comment with his memories)
    I remember many of the faces and names, but was diserpointed that there is not a school photogragh from the 1950’s.

    However I do have a photogragh of St. Peter’s church choir,of whch my brother and I were members, and a few ( rather battered) pictures of the Havest Queens and her attendants from that era,

  3. My name was Mary Barnet. My Dad Charles and my Mam Mary and I lived at Hillside Cottage next to The Red Lion, my Dad help Mr Johnston run the pub. Our cottage came with the job. We had a sink with a cold tap, an outside chemical toilet, a kitchen range, a water pump outside. As a little girl I thought it was idyllic but looking back we could only use part of the house due to damp and it was tremendously hard work for Mam. I loved school and have a class photo taken about 1956 and a copy of my report completed by Miss Constance Cox, who was lovely! On the day she retired her desk was piled high with flowers. I also remember Mrs Haxby, whose husband was a vet, she took us for PE in the village hall. Once over when we were having a PE lesson the paraffin stove started to smoke in a dangerous way and we had to evacuate the building. My Dad and Mam went to manage the Boot and Shoe in Weston had we not moved I believe I would have been harvest queen and The Virgin Mary in the nativity at school.
    My Mam made lovely cakes and did a cake depicting the pub which, I believe, was featured in the Nottingham Evening Post.
    I walked with a limp and my job was to collect litter from the car park of the pub. Mr J used to give me a tanner and I would go down to Mrs Stathams sweet shop to spend it on rainbow kalai! Happy days. It has been a treat to write this, if you want a copy of the photo let me know.

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