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The origin of the place name Thurgarton posted 15/04/2010

Thurgarton village maps -1990 to 1730 posted 30/7/2011

Beating the bounds – a perambulation of Thurgarton parish posted 17/12/2010

Chronological History

Roman Thurgarton posted 4/3/2011

Mediaeval Thurgarton

Was there a castle in Thurgarton ? posted 30/03/201023

The Foundation of Thurgarton Priory posted 17/8/2010

Scandal at the Priory posted 23/5/2011

Mediaeval Doodlings in Thurgarton Priory posted 8 /02/2011

The mediaeval library of Thurgarton Priory posted 30/8/2011

Walter Hilton posted 17/8/2011

Misericords from Thurgarton Priory posted 21/02/2011

Mediaeval Tiles of Thurgarton Priory posted 17/3/2011

The surrender of the Augustinian Priory of St. Peter, Thurgarton posted 13/02/2010

Men in pants- the wrestlers of mediaeval Thurgarton posted 18/03/2018

Elizabethan Thurgarton

Making ones mark in Elizabethan Thurgarton posted 12/05/2010

The lost village of Horsepool posted 23/7/2010

17th century

The Civil War and Thurgarton posted 6/6/2010


Land use in Thurgarton – The earliest maps of Thurgarton posted 7/7/2010

Enclosure in Thurgarton   posted 20/20/2010

The second oldest sheepwash bridge in England posted 5/02/2010

A farming family –  The Featherstones of Thurgarton posted 29/12/2010

Visitors to Thurgarton Hall

Paradise on earth? Lord Torrington and Rev Powell visit Thurgarton posted 8/10/2010

The squire of England posted 11/03/2010

Lt. Cecil Gilbert-Cooper’s visit to Thurgarton in 1869 posted 25/11/2010

Thurgarton church in the first issue of the London Illustrated News  posted 25/5/2011

Memoirs of village life

Christmas in Thurgarton a hundred years ago posted 27/12/2009

Miss Mabel Mott’s memoirs of Thurgarton posted 9/11/2011

Jim Bentley’s memoirs, part1 – The farming year    posted 27/7/2010

Jim Bentley’s memoirs, part 2 – Life in the farmhouse  posted 27/7/2010

Jim Bentley’s memoirs , part 3 -village life  posted 28/7/2010

Jim Bentley’s memoirs part 4  – World War 2  posted 29/7/2010

Images of village events and scenes

The coronation of Edward 7th – photograph of Thurgarton posted 27/12/200942

Coronation celebrations in Thurgarton – photographs from 1902 -1953 posted 11/03/2010

School photographs of Thurgarton Primary School (1890-1974) posted 30/03/2010

Images of Beck Street posted 9/04/2010

Images of Thurgarton-before the motor posted 11/7/2010

Thurgarton in World War 1 and 2

Lest we forget  posted 8/11/20103

World War 1 – postcards from the front. posted 21/7/2011

WW2 evacuees in Thurgarton posted 24/01/2010

Thurgarton prepares for the Nazi invasion posted 22/01/2011

Lancaster Bomber L7578  posted 20/8/2011

Village buildings and landmarks

The coming of the railway to Thurgarton posted 28/9/2010

Thurgarton Pinfold and Smithy posted 4/5/2011

The stones of Thurgarton posted 02/05/2010

Thurgarton open air school posted 24/01/2010

The Old Rectory at Thurgarton posted 14/1/2011

Thurgarton village hall  posted 14/6/2011

The largest clock in the county posted 23/3/2011


Thurgarton Folklore –  Brown Monks,Boggarts and Bellarmines posted 18/11/2011

3 thoughts on “Contents

  1. Thankyou for all your effort in recording the history of Thurgarton. A photo of the house of Manor farm was a constant in our house in Western Australia. It was pleasing to see that it remains in good repair. Only aunty Alice features in my memories, particularly her remonstration that I should “eat up coz your not a baby now” when I struggled with mum’s boiled cabbage, aged 5. Reading Jim Bentley’s volumes made me realise how little I know of my heritage. Thanks to your effort I now know much more.

  2. Dear Sir/Madam,

    I’m trying to find out more about my great-grandmother, Mary Payne, In 1861, she was working as a maid at “the Parsonage House” for Henry Lee Guilsband, Perpetual Curate of Thurgaton. She was looking after his two young sons.

    I’ve tried to find a photo of the Parsonage House at the time, but I’m not sure which it is. If you could point me to an image, I’d be most grateful.

    Many thanks


    • Hi Mike
      The parsonage is The Old Rectory which is featured in an article on this site and includes photos of the house. The 1861 census of Rev Guillebaud’s household includes Mary Payne as a nurse aged 19yrs from Buckinghamshire
      Hope this helps

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